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    "You can take the boy out of the country, but can't take the country out the boy." Keddy Mac says from an LA penthouse with a confident pride in his eyes, and a thick southern drawl. Although he is a long way from home, he possesses an air of comfort about him. Born and raised in the small town of Palestine, Arkansas, the self-described gentleman embodies both the struggle of his past, and also arguably the spirit of the south.

    Growing up, Keddy had no idea the things he saw and experienced in a small town would shape him into the man you see today. Coming from a musically inclined family, he found he had a way with words and a talent for hip-hop at a young age. But money was scarce, and being the oldest of four brothers, Keddy felt the pressure to help out financially. As a teen he began hustling in the unforgiving streets of Little Rock and gradually music took the backseat.


    It was here that Clint G, a close cousin and record label owner, found a young Keddy and helped to persuade him to switch hustles and pursue a career in music. Shortly after, he signed to Clint G’s label 50/50 Entertainment, and by 2006 it was paying off. The two rappers gained local notoriety with their energetic performances throughout Arkansas. Keddy Mac’s first album, The Artful Dodger, garnished attention from Sync Weekly writer Shea Stewart who wrote that his music “possesses enough bumping rhythms and superb rhymes to spark that buzz.” He also describes the rappers style as “impressive stream of consciousness lyrics delivered with a machine gun cadence.”


    But 2008 brought both tragedy and opportunity. In November a tragic car crash took the life of Clint G. However in the midst of hopelessness, Keddy received an offer to perform at Hollywood’s world famous venue, The Whisky A Go Go. With the recent death of his cousin and mentor still fresh on his mind the rapper ventured west in search of greater possibilities. After joining forces with Hunter Beard, a fellow Arkansas rapper who had moved to LA a few years earlier, the two formed the label Lion Pride Music Group. Numerous articles have credited the lyricist, including a recent one from LA Weekly praising his “molasses thick accent and relaxed, easy flow.”


    Keddy Mac currently resides in downtown Los Angeles and spends most his time recording music for his next album with Lion Pride producer Rich Ruais. He has built a solid fan base in the west coast through his performances at notable Sunset Strip venues and catchy infectious songs. “My music allows me to be the spokesperson for the culture I represent.” says the recently reformed hustler from Arkansas. He reflects on his present situation, where the scars of his past meet, head on, the possibilities of a bright future. Not many could make this look so easy.


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