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        JMZ DEAN





     American EDM performer Jmz Dean, grew up with music embedded in his genes. Raised in Little Rock, Arkansas as a classically trained trumpet player and avid keyboardist since age 5, music has always seemed like a pre-determined path. So, for the man standing backstage at the legendary Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Blvd, this feels only natural. His hard work, attention to detail, and iconic style of music have brought him here. And he has never been more prepared for the spotlight. 


    Jmz Dean was initially captivated by the infectious energy of the nationally acclaimed dance parties of Cybertribe Entertainment. But it was a chance trip with his primary mentor to see the late DJ A.M. perform in Miami that ignited his passion to become a DJ. It wasn’t long before his unique crowd moving style put him at the forefront of Arkansas’ own vibrant EDM scene.  He quickly gained notoriety through his live shows, performing everywhere from Little Rocks own Rev Room to Memphis’s famed Beal St. This eventually earned him a spot as the resident DJ of Discovery Night Club, Arkansas most notable dance venue. It was here that he cultivated the genre bending, hands on DJ style that has often been described as “southern fried funk.”


    Dean is known for taking enormous musical risks to entertain the crowd, such as his unique way of incorporating live keyboard and trumpet playing into his performances. A large part of his success is credited to his uncanny ability to resonate with audiences and constantly challenge the status quo. Apart from his solo career, the performer is also known for his work as both an original member of the little rock DJ alliance the School of Dub and as the keyboardist of the live P.A. duo The Phonies. Due to this combination, Dean is commonly recognized as a founding father of the Arkansas dubstep landscape.


    In 2014, while in Los Angeles, the DJ performed at the crowded Hollywood Hills party of Lion Pride Music Group, owners Hunter Beard and Keddy Mac. After his performance he was signed on the spot as the label’s official DJ and producer. Hunter Beard later commented that “Jmz Dean took a typically background music gig and completely stole the show, commanding the attention of everyone there.” Having only been in Hollywood a short time, his signature style has already been heard from festival audiences to world famous Sunset Strip venues. With a national tour and EP release in the works for 2015, Jmz Dean is quickly becoming one of LA’s premier up and coming DJ’s, all while carving his own unique place in the national spotlight. It’s safe to say the future is looking bright for the “rebel without a pause.”


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